Fire safety and man-made engineering: consulting, audit, design, installation and technical support.



Consultations are conducted by our specialists - highly qualified engineers who have years of experience in the field of fire safety.

Design and Installation

Design and Installation

Today, FIGENTIM LLC is one of the leaders in the field of design, installation and maintenance of fire protection systems.



LLC "FIGENTIM" has been professionally engaged in maintenance of automatic fire alarm systems, fire alarms and all types of fire extinguishing for more than 5 years.


We invest all our 25 years of design experience in each project. Take a look at some of our recent work.

Modernization of fire protection systems. Design  according to NFPA and EN. Dnipro Oil Extraction Plant. Dnipro, Ukraine. «BUNGE Limited».

Consultation, Design, Documentation, Installation of automatic water / fire alarm systems, Installation of fire alarm systems and systems for alerting people

Modernization of fire protection systems for PepsiCo company.

Consulting, Installation of fire protection dispatching systems, Installation of fire alarm systems and fire alarm systems and evacuation management

New design of fire protection systems for corn processing plant. Dacsa Group and Bunge Limited.

(Українська) Консультування, Проектування систем протипожежного захисту. Робоча документацыя. Проходження експертизи.

Modernization of fire alarm systems for plants of manufacture a range of cigarettes. Imperial Tabacco.

Providing consultations and support to the Customer. Installation of fire alarm system, fire alarm system and evacuation management.

Fire protection systems. Design  and installation project according to EN. Facility manufacturing and storage of mineral fertilizer.

Consultancy, Projects, Installation of internal fire-water supply systems, Installation of fire alarm systems and notification systems about people

Reconstruction of the automatic fire extinguishing system and fire alarm system in the existing building №30 (“KVANT”) DSP CHAES.

Advising the Customer. Project development. Working documentation. Passing of examination, Start-up and adjustment works

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